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Alternative Menswear
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Hansen, Schnayderman’s, Universal Works., Armor LuxPortuguese FlannelHuman Scales, Howlin', Uniforms for the Dedicated, Nividas, Beatnik, Årsta Trä & Läder, Novesta Shoes, Y-S. C Beard Oil, Tuul, Le Cord, Jays, Nufferton, Gnome & Bow, Topeco Socks, White Briefs, Qwstion, MemoBottle, Chapman, Remmen Camera Straps,  Parapluies Sociéte Anonyme, Barena Venezia, Rains, Ebbets Field, Timex Archive and more. 




The last Thursday of the month there is live music in the store. The artists sing and play without amplification, i.e. Unplugged for Real. We have thirty five stools and we serve beverages and snacks. There is no entrance fee. The store is open during the concert events and it is possible to make impulsive purchases when the cava has kicked in, not during the actual gigs though. Stage time around 6.39 pm. Welcome!